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how to get to skellig michael from killarney


How to find Skellig Michael Island


Skellig Michael Island has increased in popularity ever since the Island featured in the latest Star Wars movie: The Force Awakens. If you’re planning a visit to Skellig Michael it helps to know the best way to get there right from the outset.

Getting to Skellig Michael

There are a few options available when planning your journey to Skellig’s Rock. If your trip involves a flight across the Atlantic, here are the three easiest options we could find.

  • Fly direct from New York (JFK) into Shannon Airport then hire a luxury coach to drive you the rest of the way. Shannon Airport, County Clare is located on the west coast of Ireland being a three hour bus journey to Portmagee which is where the boat departs for the eight mile trip to Skellig Michael Rock. We’ll have one of our bus drivers waiting for you when you arrive at Shannon airport to make the transition from air to road, as easy as possible. Keep in mind, this option is only available if you are flying in from New York. Both Delta and Aer Lingus have flights available from New York (JFK) to Shannon Airport.
  • If you would prefer to fly in as close to Skellig Michael Island as possible, then Kerry airport is the place you need to be. From here, it’s only a one and a half hour bus journey down to Portmagee marina. The easiest way to get to Kerry airport is to fly into Dublin and then get a connecting flight straight on to Kerry airport. The flight time from Dublin to Kerry is one hour. Of course, we can meet you at Kerry airport to chauffeur you the rest of the way down to the Island.
  • Alternatively, if you would like to see a bit more of the Irish countryside while making your way down to Skellig mountain one of our expert guides at Flynn’s Coaches would be only too pleased to meet you at Dublin airport and drive you the remaining five hour bus journey down to Skellig Michael.

Regardless of which option you choose in visiting Skellig Michael, Flynns Coaches would love to take you the rest of the way. We make it easy for you and your travelling party by meeting you directly at the airport in one of our luxury coaches and then chauffeuring you the rest of the way in leather seat comfort. Whether you’re here for a family vacation or just can’t get of enough of Star Wars, our expert guides will make sure your Irish vacation is one to remember.

Seeing the great Island up close is the next best thing to actually walking in the footsteps of Luke Skywalker.


Here are some interesting Skellig Michael facts for you:

  • Skelligs rock lies 13 km off the south-west coast of Ireland and the season for boat landing tours begins on the 15th May and finishes on 2nd October.
  • The rock steps left there today are from a group of Monks who occupied the Island over 1400 years ago. Each step was carved by hand from solid rock using the simplest tools. On the edge of the cliff, around 200 metres above the waves the monks built a monastery and a home.
  • It costs around €60 to €70 per person for the return boat trip to Skellig Michael Island.
  • If you would like a cheaper alternative to the standard sightseeing boat trip, try the eco cruise which costs approx. half the price at only €35.
  • It pays to book your trip in advance as there is a cap of 150 people per day who are allowed to land on the Island and walk those iconic steps up to the monastery.

Here is a list of contact details of the boatmen who will take you out to Skellig Michael Island.

To see that authentic part of Ireland and experience places that the locals would only normally get to see leave it to Flynn’s Coaches to ensure you have the best Irish adventure.

Speak to our friendly staff today and they will gladly assist you with your arrangements. Call us today on +353 (0)87 968 7997 or +353 66 976 7330, or send an email to

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