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Travelling to the islands with Flynn’s Coaches is very easy – simply call us to arrange transportation for your group – but please be aware that it does involve some special planning. Due to its protected heritage status Skellig Michael can only accommodate about 150 tourists per day. Naturally, this is weather-depending (it is Ireland after all!) – you should always book early to avoid disappointment.You’ll find contact details for many of the individual boatmen here

Skellig Michael Star Wars

Mesmerizing Views of Skellig Michael

When you travel to see Skellig Michael you must drive along the coast to find them. No matter your direction of approach or vantage point along the wonderful Ring of Kerry route, you will be blown away by the spectacular pinnacles thrusting up out of the sea. It is these views which have mesmerized many a visitor to the Kerry shore all down through the years. It is no coincidence that these islands were chosen as a refuge for the monks and hermits who isolated themselves from the rest of the mainland communities. That same isolation and rocky fastness is what also drew the Star Wars location manager!

Skellig Michael Star Wars

Skellig Michael: A UNESCO World Heritage Site

The Skellig islands are, in their own right, world-famous. Skellig Michael itself is very well known by anyone with an interest in archaeology as the home of an Early Christian monastic outpost. This is recognised internationally now by its UNESCO World Heritage Site designation. The lesser Small Skellig is also particularly renowned – in this case for its abundance of bird species and their interest to ornithologists. As many as 27,000 pairs of gannets call the island home in what is the world’s second largest colony of these delightful seabirds.

Skellig Michael Star Wars

Skellig Michael (sometimes called the “Great Skellig”) is the larger one of two magnificent and truly imposing Skellig Islands located about 7 miles off the west of County Kerry in southwest Ireland. These wonderfully theatrical and remarkable looking islands stand off by themselves in the sometimes tumultuous waters of the Atlantic Ocean. A more perfect & fitting location for a fictional Star Wars character to isolate themselves as hermit could hardly be invented by the mind of even the most imaginative science fictions writer!

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