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The Ring of Kerry is one of the top tourist attractions in Ireland, and with good reason. But “what is the Ring of Kerry?” I hear you say! Well, it’s a trail. A route. A roadway around the winding roads, highways an bye-ways of the country of Kerry. But know this friend: this is no ordinary road. Many a truly wonderful adventure lies in store for you when you set off on your travels in one of the most glorious and renowned areas of Ireland. Think mystical landscapes, rich folklore, ancient tales and festivities, jaw-dropping coastal landscapes and people who will hold you deep in conversation till the sun comes up.

Ring of Kerry

Ring of Kerry: Millennia of Dramatic History

The Ring of Kerry is a trail that pulls you through 10,000 years of dramatic history and back. It’s a road that brings you across the magnificent Irish landscape, from the deep & ancient forests to the crashing waters of the magnificent Atlantic Ocean. It will take you through the rugged, powerful and majestic landscapes where the wild stag roams and on a moon-less night you might still hear the terrible cry of the banshee. Where tumbling waterfalls crash down into crystal-clear streams that teem with wild Atlantic salmon. It is this, and it is so much more.

Ring of Kerry

The land of myths and legends

You can experience the raw beauty of the beautiful Ring of Kerry when you travel with Flynn’s Coaches. We are a local family-business who’s knowledge of the area is second to none. We will take you across the land of myths and legends in our luxurious coaches, buses and minibuses. Come and see one of Ireland’s most famously scenic routes – and which forms the southern part of the world-famous Wild Atlantic Way. Why not begin and end your tour in one of the many fine hostelries of Killarney – the comfort of a warm fire and a pint of the black stuff awaits you after an experience around the Ring of Kerry, the likes of which you will never forget!

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