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Killarney Shuttle Route - Flynn's Coaches

Killorglin – Killarney Bus Saturday Night

Saturday night is traditionally party night, so if you are in no mood to go home too early, get the Flynn’s Coaches bus from Killorglin to Killarney and extend your evening’s entertainment. Flynn’s Coaches run a reliable bus service from Killorglin to Killarney every Saturday night. We’ll pick you up in Killorglin at 9.30PM or 10.30PM and collect you in Killarney at 3AM, pre-booking is essential and the service only costs a tenner. So enjoy the best of both worlds by starting your fun in Killorglin and continuing it in Killarney, while Flynn’s Coaches make sure you get there and back safe and sound.

Why Your Saturday Night Should Include Killorglin and Killarney

Variety is the spice of life, so if you are planning a night out, why confine yourself to one town? Everyone knows the streets of Killorglin are lined with some of the best pubs in Kerry, not to mention some of the county’s finest restaurants, so get your evening off to the best possible start and meet your friends in your choice of Killorglin establishment. Then, after enjoying the great atmosphere in Killorglin, keep the party going in Killarney.

Hop on a Flynn’s Coaches bus at 9.30pm or 10:30pm and enjoy a smooth trip to Killorglin. You’ll be there in no time, ready to continue you’re socialising in one of the many pubs, clubs, and restaurants for which Killarney is famous. Revel in the buzzing atmosphere and stay out until the early hours. Our driver will pick you up at 3AM in Killarney and deliver you back to Killorglin in comfort and safety.

Why You Need Flynn’s Coaches to Get You There & Back

Have you ever gone out in Killorglin and decided to continue the party in Killarney, only to discover there are no taxis to be had? Or the taxi arrives late? Or it ends up costing a lot more than you expected? And then when you get to Killarney, you can’t get back home? All of these scenarios are enough to ruin any evening, but with Flynn’s Coaches, you can look forward to comfortable, reliable transport to and from Killarney, for probably less than the price of a couple of drinks. It’s the perfect solution for your Killorglin-Killarney socialising plans.

Talk to Us about Your Saturday Night Killorglin-Killarney Bus

Contact us today about getting the Saturday night bus from Killorglin to Killarney and back. Remember pre-booking is essential. Our comfortable, reliable, and affordable service is all you need to make a good night great.

Speak to our friendly staff today and they will gladly assist you with your arrangements. Call us today on +353 (0)87 968 7997 or +353 62 67051, or send an email to

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